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Welcome to Donkey Crossing! Donkey Crossing is an on-line account of one Limey and one Yank living one Dream. From September 2006 until the end of 2007, we plan to visit friends and family on five continents and immerse ourselves into various cultures, natural phenomena and ways of life. We hope you enjoy our tales and visit often! Cheers, Jason and Rachel Napoli

Friday, January 19, 2007

(Welcome to Morocco)
Greetings Donkey Crossing fans! We made it to Africa and it' been nothing less than amazing. We've completed our French and Arabic classes in Fes and feel we have the linguistic knowledge to begin exploring this mysterious continent.
Here we are in traditional party gear in the formal salon of our home in Fes
We are leaving Fes in the morning to begin our three month journey through Morocco, Mauritania, Mali and Senegal. Check back soon to read about our first couple weeks studying and living in Morocco. It's been a fabulous experience meeting wonderful people, consuming sensational delicacies and getting to know a city that truly defines culture.
We hope everyone is doing well!
Jason and Rachel


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